DavidAmaya“I started CVAC sessions with Eterno Group a little over three months now without any expectations on how it would benefit me. But I am the kind of person that is willing to try anything once. I even tried acupuncture, which involves needles! Tom never made any promises beside the fact that they were looking into how the CVAC process affects my diabetic neuropathy. As the sessions went on, my breathing got better, I had better quality of sleep, the frequency of the phantom pains decreased at the site of my prosthesis, better sensation in my foot and an overall increase in energy. It has improved so much that I got a trike instead of using my motorized scooter! Best of all, after almost four years of being on insulin shots, my PCP just told me that my blood glucose numbers are good enough to completely go off of them!
My next goal is to get back on a two-wheeled bicycle where I find it easier to get around to run my everyday errands. In addition, because of this empowerment and my newfound confidence I started working out using resistance adaptive fitness equipment provided by a local gym. Thank you Tom and Eterno Group for everything you have done for me!”
- David Amaya
RoseinPod“The first thing I noticed was that after a good session at Eterno Group, I sleep like a rock. Seriously, it’s as if someone clubs me over the back of the head (but not nearly as painful, hah!) and all of the sudden I am fully, deeply and completely asleep until morning.”

To read more about Rose’s experience, check out her blog post here!

- Rose Cameron
Owner, Bite Me Kitchen and Triathlete
Monica Testimonial“Hi, my name is Monica Espejo. I have Lupus and for the past 4-5 months it has been incredible using CVAC at Eterno Group. I can’t imagine myself lying in bed with pain and being tired all the time. I feel like I have been given a second opportunity to live. I live my life with passion every day – with my 3 children and husband. I had to leave my executive job over a year and half ago because I couldn’t think straight anymore and I was unable to communicate clearly. I felt like I was dying. Being an active person – this illness crushed me physically, mentally and stabbed my heart by taking away my freedom to soar.
I’m hooked on CVAC for many reasons, but primarily for the Lupus symptom relief. I have referred many friends to Eterno Group because I’m a firm believer that CVAC works for better health. For those of us who are ill – this machine has been a blessing. This machine has allowed ME to come back as I once was – healthy and great! Thank you Eterno Group!”
- Monica Espejo
Entrepreneur, Mom and Wife
DaveLee v2“I’ve used CVAC at Eterno Group for the past two months in preparation for a major international qualifying volleyball tournament.  I’ve noticed improved recovery and also a noticeable reduction in joint swelling. I’ll be back in the pod, as part of my training program, before my next big event!”
- David Lee
Volleyball Gold Medalist/2-Time Olympian
Brynn v2“I was using CVAC while training for Kansas 70.3 triathlon and I noticed some major differences in my training than I had when training for other races.  While taking 2 session a week (1 hr sessions each time) I was able to recover faster after my workouts and was able to consistently give a hard effort in each workout.  I also noticed that I was able to push harder for longer periods of time during my workouts.  The results were amazing.  I had a really solid race at Kansas finishing with a time of 5:10, which was 14 minutes faster than my previous 70.3 PR. Thank you Eterno Group!”
- Brynn Saunders
Data Analyst/Triathlete
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